About Me

Whilst fitness has been my passion for over 8 years now, I haven’t always been fit. In fact During my early forties the corporate world of travelling , business breakfasts, lunches, dinners, lack of exercise if any at all, I became quite overweight. Peaking at 84kg, size 14-16, and 20 kilograms overweight. After reaching a point of frustration with my weight I decided that enough was enough and within 4 years I worked my butt off (the slow way) and by my 50th birthday, I managed to hit my goal weight of 68kg.

I lost my weight the slow way, but after studying qualifications’ in the fitness arena with more exposure and understanding of the
metabolic system that would allow for faster weight loss with the correct eating and training variables that would also allow for
permanent results.

My Qualifications

Australian Institute of Fitness
Certificate 111 in Fitness-SIS30310
Certificate 1V in Fitness-SIS40210
Master Trainer Level1
Level 1 First Aid Certificate/including CPR

Additional Qualifications

Suspension training Instructors Course
Group Trainer Level 1


I was always wanting a PT and recently signed back up to Jetts to get back into shape. Every morning I would see Bev training a client, so I took one of her cards and gave her a call. From the first phone call she informed me of the type of training that we would be doing, how many times a week training is recommended and of course the cost. The initial training session was more taking measurements of my body and doing a fitness test (no beep test or anything, just all round fitness). The next training sessions last about 45mins to an hour and can I just say, she trains you hard! I have never felt such good pain the next day. Waking up knowing that you have trained your hardest and worked out muscles you didn’t even know existed is a great feeling. It has only been two weeks since signing up with Bev but already I have dropped a dress size! I still have a long way to go but with Bevs help, I know I can meet my goals.
Beverly is a very friendly and motivational personal trainer who always positively encourages her clients to strive for their full potential. I highly recommend Bev if you are looking for a Personal Trainer who pushes you to your maximum in a positive way but also understands you on a personal level.” – Dana Murray


I joined Jett’s Tarneit at the beginning of the year after I made a decision to try and get fit again. I have always been keen on exercise though with a young family and a pretty challenging full time job, trying to get an hour to myself at home in order to fit it in was difficult and I lacked the motivation to stick to a routine. I decided in February to sign up with Bev Horton from Best Believe Fitness for some PT lessons and after my first lesson, I was hooked. Not only does Bev challenge me but she has shown me so many different ways in which to exercise, both cardio and weight training and the fact she constantly mixes it up keeps you coming back for more.

I have noticed a massive improvement in my health since starting with Bev. I have a lot more energy and my fitness is improving week to week. I have recently signed up with Bev and other Jetts members to participate in the 8km event in the Mothers Day Challenge next month in Geelong which is something I would never dreamed of doing prior to starting PT a few months back. Bev has donated her time to providing the additional training for the event and is keeping us all motivated to give it a go.

At our last weigh in on the 25th of March, I had lost 10.8cm’s off my total body measurements and was down a kilo after just 5 sessions. I am nearly due for my next weigh in and I know the results are going to be great as I have dropped a dress size since my March weigh in. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend to anybody to give it a go. – Shanna Vincent